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We offer a comprehensive service structure in air conditioner repairs and maintenance. At Aircon and Blinds, we provide air conditioner repairs and air conditioning maintenance for all air conditioner brands and their models, units and components. Our service promise is built on the guarantee of superior air conditioner servicing and maintenance by a team of experienced technicians that are on-hand to deliver quality services with a smile.

The service process for an Aircon unit is vital for many reasons but we can name a few:

Proper service will increase the life span for your unit.

Servicing your Aircon is also important to validate the warranty you get when installing the Aircon.

Aircons consume a big portion of your monthly power bill and proper service can make a significant difference in reducing the power consumption on your unit.

An Aircon system doesn’t actually use fresh air from outside your room or office unlike some people think, its rather uses the same indoor air but after it goes through filtration and then cooling process in the Evaporator unit. With time and relative colder temperatures bacteria, fungus and dust particles will form inside the indoor unit which in turn will be circulated with the cold air coming out of the Aircon, that is when service is essential to clean and treat the unit so you and your family breath fresh clean air.

Service is very important to maintain proper performance as to keep your Aircon at peak and be more dependable and reliable at all times and get the maximum comfort.

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Some of our Brands

All the brands we supply are from reputable well established South African companies to ensure the best backup service, parts and warranty claims.