Aircon Repairs

Looking for Air Conditioner Repairs? Beat the summer heat and have your aircon unit repaired today! We have the experience and knowledge to understand what goes wrong with your air conditioner. Our highly experienced team will diagnose and repair your air conditioner in no time at all.

There are many causes of air conditioner failure and the diagnosis and repair can be tricky for someone with limited experience. We recommend that air conditioner repairs only be done by an experienced air conditioner technician.

To ensure your air conditioner performs at the desired and optimum efficiency, regular services on your unit must be implemented. An aircon service also prevents mechanical break down.

We offer a comprehensive service structure in air conditioner repairs and maintenance. At Aircon and Blinds, we provide air conditioner repairs and air conditioning maintenance for all air conditioner brands and their models, units and components. Our service promise is built on the guarantee of superior air conditioner servicing and maintenance by a team of experienced technicians that are on-hand to deliver quality services with a smile.

Aircon Repairs

Common Aircon Conditioner Problems

Some of our Brands

All the brands we supply are from reputable well established South African companies to ensure the best backup service, parts and warranty claims.