Aircon Rentals

The cost of installing an air conditioning system at your premises can be very high and many are unwilling to make such a large investment. This is where our rental option really benefits everyone who are not able or prepared to spend a large lump sum on a much needed air conditioning system. This option enables you as the owner to keep cash at hand while being enabled to install much needed air conditioning equipment.

Qualifying Criteria
Installations in Gauteng only
Clear company credit record

Rental period are for a period of 60 months and because the deal is a rental, it is 100% tax-deductible. Finance rates are excellent and close to prime. At the end of the rental period, simply hand the units back or opt for a new upgrade. To start the application process, kindly complete the enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Why is rental finance beneficial to your business?
Rental finance allows you to keep your cash resources for income producing opportunities.
Rental finance requires no deposits.
Rental finance solutions keeps operating assets off your balance sheet, thereby avoiding the negativity of high gearing.
Rental finance offers you the freedom to upgrade or change equipment as, and when, needed.    
Equipment rental is usually a cheaper option than conventional financing.    

Want to rent an Aircon from us?

Alliance 9000btu non-inverter

R380.00 per month

Alliance 12000btu non-inverter

R405.00 per month

Alliance 18000btu non-inverter

R495.00 per month

Samsung 9000btu

R475.00 per month

Samsung 12000btu

R522.00 per month

Samsung 18000btu

R635.00 per month

Alliance 9000btu inverter

R470.00 per month

Alliance 12000btu inverter

R508.00 per month

Alliance 18000btu inverter

R630.00 per month

Samsung 9000btu inverter

R568.00 per month

Samsung 12000btu inverter

R595.00 per month

Samsung 18000btu inverter

R695.00 per month